The winery is divided into 4 buildings with a capacity for 1,200,000 Liters, divided among:

- A building that during the wine harvest is dedicated to receiving the grapes.  This is where the receiving hopper, the stripping equipment, the press, etc., are kept.  

- A building with tanks that range in size from 5,000 l. to 20,000 l., in which all the wines are fermented.

- A building with tanks ranging in size from 49,000 l. to 88,000 l., for mixing and conserving wines before bottling.

- A building which is divided into two sections: a cask warehouse with capacity for aging 40,000 l. (in 225 l. French and American
medium-toasted oak casks),
and 75,000 bottles; and a
bottling plant.

The installations are
complemented by a
dining room, a store
and a visitor
welcome center.

Vintage casks at the Beramendi Wineries
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