Bodegas Beramendi

Wines with
a tale to tell!


You'll just love them...

Let’s travel in time, we want to share our history with you. We want you to know all about the background of this small, and at the same time great family part of Bodegas Beramendi… You’ll adore it!

We inherited the passion for this trade from our grandparents, and today it is our life project. We live focused on taking care of the vineyard. We are thrilled with our work, but what we like most is sharing wines that bring pleasure to our lives.

Let us amaze you!


We are committed to craftsmanship, a traditional elaboration of honest wines, loyal to our land


Three-flower family

The 3 Flowers Collection emerged from the need to reinvent ourselves. In 2005, the women of the family faced, without fear, the challenge of taking control of Bodegas Beramendi.

This family of wines is the result of tackling such challenge and promotes the role of women in our winery’s history.

San Martín de Unx

A wine with character

Origin gives character, just as the land defines the wine. We lavish attention on the wine and allow it to express itself freely. It has been this way through the generations, and so it should remain; For us, wine is more than a tradition, it’s a way of life.


Own vineyards

60 Hectares distributed within the D.O. Navarra area, between BAJA MONTAÑA and RIBERA ALTA. This allows us to take advantage of a great diversity of climates and soils, and each vintage is a new experience.